Ductless Mini Split System Installation

Mini Split System Installation in Palm Coast, FL

Benefits of Installing a Mini Split System

A mini split HVAC system is the perfect solution for homes of any size. They include one exterior unit and multiple indoor units that allow you to customize the temperature in each room of your home. Get in touch with Total Comfort for swift and safe mini split installs in Palm Coast, FL . These heating and cooling units are a great way to make your home more energy-efficient and lower your utility bills.

Save Money on Utilities and Decrease Energy Use

Because a mini split system uses individual heating and cooling units in each room, you’re able to control the temperature in each room that has a unit. You can have as many or as few units as you need. If you need to keep your kitchen cool while you cook a big meal, but your guests in the living room prefer it warm, a mini split system allows you to do both. In addition, if you rarely use a room, you can simply turn off the unit in that room until you need it.

Allow Our Team of Professionals to Install Your System

Installing a mini split system requires several steps and extensive training to ensure everything is hooked up properly. Leave the installation work to our skilled technicians to ensure your system works properly and safely.

Contact us to schedule mini split installs with our skilled professionals. We’re proud to serve clients in Palm Coast, FL , and the surrounding areas.

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